From Greg and Carol

     My wife and I have known Dan Rizzo and his family for many years. He is a man of integrity. We have also seen his exceptional quality in custom cabinetry. Dan brings honesty to his business and community with ingenuity and creativity to his trade.    

     When my wife and I purchased our home, we needed it to be remodeled to accommodate my wheelchair. We had a tight budget to work from, as well. For accessibility, out home required a small open floor plan with functional cabinetry that a person in a wheelchair could work from comfortably, yet would present a "wow" factor. Upon entering our home, the focus was directed at the kitchen area. The kitchen was small, but we knew, with the right plan, we could have accessibility and beauty.    

     A wheelchair user, I required everything under the counter to be drawers for access. All pots, pans, dishes, cups, glasses, crock pot, toaster, and more, had to be accessible to provide independent living. The cook top had to have room under the counter for wheelchair clearance. The oven needed to be a custom height so the open oven door allowed clearance for my wheelchair.    

      For people with disabilities, inches matter. When designing our floor plan, we knew that conventional square box-like cabinets are a deterent to wheelchair travel. Curved cabinetry and countertops with the addition of odd angels were fundamental in our design and installation.    

 Both Home Depot and Lowes bid on the design, but they told me they could not produce curved oak doors and they had dead space throughout their designs. Dan said he could do exactly what I wanted without any dead space and come with added beauty. It was a pleasure working with Dan. He not only followed our plan but "married" the kitchen with our Great Room. Everyone who enters our home comments on our cabinets. We them them without Dan we wouldn't have our perfect kitchen.

Thank you, Dan!  

Greg and Carol Smith--Rancho Bernardo, CA